About 77designz

Brief History

We founded 77designz in 2007.
We manufacture specialized bicycle components; our product range includes chain guides for round and oval chainrings and crash plates to protect chainrings from rocks and logs.

Further, we have developed one of the lightest yet most reliable and comfortable Enduro cockpits out there.
Our products are innovative, race-proven, and reasonably priced; that´s what we stand for with 77designz and Kavenz.

The Begining

77designz was founded in 2007 by three friends in Münster, Germany. Our goal was (and still is) to create a super light, yet highly functional, chain guides for mountain bikes. Our expertise in frame design and kinematics led to the Flatout DH Bike and the CAN EN a 160mm Enduro Bike. Our experiments with cockpits resulted in our iconic DH direct mount stem.

The Relaunch

After some turbulence, we shut our doors in 2014 and sold our existing product line to EMANON. After EMANON filed bankruptcy due to some financial planning mistakes, Giacomo and Stefan decided to relaunch 77designz and develop a brand-new product range. Since its reopening in 2015, 77designz has become a fast-growing, sought-after brand standing for race-ready components that you can trust.

The founding Trio

Giacomo Großehagenbrock is the founder, owner, and mastermind of 77designz. His creative madness and technical sobriety prove a great advantage to the development of highly innovative products for 77designz.

Stefan Mundorf was one of the founding members; he was responsible for the construction and technical documentation of our components. He left the company in 2019 on his own wish but is still a part of the family and team as he supports our R&D from time to time with his engineering expertise.

Cofounder Lukas Scheidgen, (who left in 2010), worked in accounting and was the master on the CNC machine. Because he was a full-time machinist, he spent countless weekends building prototypes for 77designz.