Join our 77designz Co-Factory and Brand Ambassador program to stay connected and represent the brand you love!
We are looking for athletes who are passionate about riding mountain bike and interested in sharing their experience with others on social media.


You must have an active social media presence on at least one of the following channels:
Personal Blog, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.
You must be able to create original content with pictures or video.

We are offering:

Great discounts on all products on
We will promote you on our channels, if you provide us with great content.
Successful applicants may be considered to test new products.

How to get started:

Please complete this application form to see if you qualify to join the program.
We review each one individually to see if your content and social media presence is the right fit for the Ambassador program.
Private social accounts can´t be reviewed and will be rejected automatically.

Please make sure that the post is not private!

Max. 3 results

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Upload 1000x1000

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