Tyre Yogurt

Tyre Yoghurt seals punctures & prevents flats in tubeless MTB tyres. Tyre Yogurt MTB Sealant will not separate, clump or dry out. It contains no latex, or ammonia, is water washable, non toxic & the “Flat Free & Full of Fibre” tech seals up to 6mm cuts in MTB tubeless tyres.

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  • Seals 6mm punctures
  • No latex
  • No ammonia
  • Will not dry out
  • Will not separate
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic
  • Water washable

How does it work?

When a puncture occurs, the air in the tyre forces the millions of fibres and fillers in Tyre Yogurt into the hole. This forms a flexible plug that prevents further air loss. As the liquid is not part of the sealing process, we do not have to use latex. We use a liquid that will not dry out or separate

How to use it:

  1. Use Tubeless Ready Tyres & Rims
  2. Remove cap & trim nozzle
  3. Add a blob of Tyre Yogurt around  valve seal
  4. Dry seat tyre without sealant
  5. Deflate tyre, pop the bead & pour 120-150ml of Tyre Yogurt into the tyre or directly through the valve
  6. Re-seat tyre & inflate with a track pump or compressor
  7. Spin & bounce wheel a few times

You are now...

Flat Free & Full of Fibre” 

The Story of Tyre Yoghurt

Once upon a time… April 2017,  in the mountains around Morzine, Jon has a small puncture in one of his tubeless mountain bike tyres. The latex based sealant he was using refused to seal the 2mm hole so he went searching for alternatives. An internet search for commercial /  industrial grade tyre sealants uncovered what we now know to be, one of the market leaders in the world of non latex industrial grade tyre sealants.

At a similar time in the hills around Saddleworth, England, Matthew’s 12 year old son, Archie, is invited by Jack Reading - One Vision Global Racing, to join the team as a “young ripper”.
A conversation with Mojo results in Chris Porter and Nicolai making the first ever junior sized G16 bike for Archie, and he starts racing. However, his first outing with a latex based tubeless sealant didn't end well so he switches back to riding with tubes.

Jon & Mathew have a conversation about a pending holiday in Morzine &, in passing, Jon mentions his new discovery of a heavy duty, latex & ammonia free tyre sealant.
Matt and Archie arrive in Morzine and Jon installs his new sealant in their tyres. A team of riders, scattered across Europe, is recruited to test the product & the sealant is tweaked and re-tested in response to their feedback.

As the snow comes to the French Alps & bikes are swapped for skis, testing continues. The product is put through its paces during the cold wet winter months in Saddleworth, Northern England, by a die hard group of riders basing themselves out of the Bikeanics shop. Jon continues to tweak the product and it is re-tested until everyone is happy with the results achieved.
“Tyre Yogurt” is officially born, Jon and Matt decide that they are going to embark on a new adventure and take the product to market!  With this decision, they then decide that if they are going to go to market with “Tyre Yogurt”, it had to be as perfect as it possibly can be, using only the best raw ingredients available. So they decide to scrap the brilliant Industrial Grade sealant they were using as their original starting point in favour of the even better Military Grade spec sealant.
Testing starts all over again. Mountain bikes across Europe and  Australia are riding with “Tyre Yogurt” in their tubeless tyres and the first bottles of “Tyre Yogurt”  roll off the Bolton production line in June 2018.