The minimal overlap of the taco offers the best chainring protection without losing ground clearance, so there is no unnecessary rock or log contact like you would have with a big taco bashguard. The 77designz CRASH PLATE is mounted in no time extremely lightweight slightly better rotated and compatible with Santa Cruz Carbon frames.

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Which Crash Plate fits my bike?

Use our FRAME FIT form to find the right chainguide for your bike.


  • Installation without crank removal
  • Single tool (Torx 25) installation
  • Designed for Oval and Round Chain Rings
  • Incredible strong but pretty light
  • Protects your Chainring and Chain from ground contact
  • Hollow bolts will protect your frames ISCG tabs
  • Maximum ground clearance due to its minimal overlap
  • NEW: Optimized impact zone orientation 
  • NEW: Fits onto all Santa Cruz Carbon frames


Mount: ISCG 05 (Fits now onto Santa Cruz Carbon Frames)
Round chainring: 28-36T (Choose the same size or bigger: 32T Round Ring = 32T CRASH PLATE)
Oval chainring: 26-34T (Choose +2 teeth or bigger: 32T Oval Ring = 34T CRASH PLATE)
Perfect for: 1x10, 1x11 or 1x12 drivetrain
Material: AL 7075 T6 Anodized
Hardware: Torx 25 Stainless Steel hollow bolts
Colors: Black, Grey, Natural, Red, Orange, Gold, Blue
Sizes: 28T 30T | 32T | 34T  | 36T
Diameter: 28T > 125mm | 30T > 133mm | 32T > 141mm | 34T > 149mm | 36T > 157mm
Weight28T > 28g30T > 30g32T > 32g | 34T > 34g36T > 36g


The bash guard is 5 mm thick, and the screws are flush. The screws we use are hollow drilled so they can shear off in case of an overload. These bolts prevent damage to the frame. Order your spare bolts here: M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts two spare bolts are already included.

Most of the bike frames nowadays are designed to take the loads introduced by a Taco Bashguard or Crash Plate; nevertheless, you should consider with your frame manufacturer whether your frame is approved for our Crashplate or not.


  • 4x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts (2 Spare Bolts)

What´s New?

Crash Plate Evo

What the media says:


The worlds lightest crashplate tacco skidplate bashguard chainguide combination

Installation Instruction:

Mount to the ISCG tabs and tighten screws with 6 Nm. 


To match OVAL GUIDE™ ISCG 05 or FREESOLO™ ISCG 05 with our CRASH PLATES (ISCG 05)  you need the >> CONNECTOR

The 77designz CRASH PLATE comes in 8 different anodized colours and 5 different sizes. It´s mounted in no time and out of super strong 7075 T6 Aluminium. The minimal overlap of the taco offers best chainring protection avoids rock or log contact  taco bashguard.