Super Light Bike Products and Engineering Services.

We build 1x Chain Guides for round and oval Chainrings, Crash Plates to protect the Chainring from rocks and logs,
Enduro Stems and a lot of other innovative and race proven MTB products.
Over the years, we have also gained a lot of experience in frame construction and design so we offer it to customers from the bike industry.
We give our very best, day by day, to guarantee you a pleasant riding experience.

Giacomo Großehagenbrock 77designz

Giacomo Großehagenbrock [Design/CEO]

Giacomo is the founder owner and creative leader of 77designz.
He is not only responsible for the design of all our products but also comes up with ideas for new concepts.
Besides the experience from his former job as a precision mechanic , he also earned a degree as a grafic designer.
His creative madness and technical sobriety is a great advantage when developing for 77designz
and time after time it leads to highly innovative products.

Stefan Mundorf [Engineering]

Stefan is a mechanical engineer, he is responsible for the construction work, technical documentation of our components
and our industry customers like
He also communicates with our production partners and pushes forward the advancement of already existing parts.

We have been friends for years.
We also share a long commitment to mountain biking and have seen this diverse sport develop from the beginning.
The focus of every new development is our personal necessity for perfection,
because nothing is more boring than the already existing.

We develop mountainbikes, Stefan und Giacomo

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