• The short and super lightweight enduro stem for handlebars with 35mm clamping diameter by 77designz. The unique 1 Piece construction allows for an unprecedented weight while keeping the stem durable and safe. Weight starts at 69 grams for a 35 mm long and 84 grams for the 45 mm length. Last but not least, its tested to DH standards.

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  • A 35mm Carbon Handlebar that is not over stiff, so you don´t get tired and your arms remain fresh even on long runs. The aluminum sleeve protects the carbon from constriction and makes the handlebar easy to mount with our 1 piece stem. We offer the DH-Level testet Carbon Handle Bar in a width of 800mm and 5, 20 and 35 mm rise options but it can also be...

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  • 77designz Trail, Enduro und Downhill Griff. The knurled texture combined with the motocross inspired waffle grip provides aggressive grip for riders that demand top performance on the trail.  The single-clamp design and the wide grip zone open up new positions and add comfort.

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  • Place your favorite beverage cap on top of this headset cap. This small part motivates you to keep going until the end of the day as you always have your favorite treat in mind. It also helps you to get in touch with people as allmost everybody talks beer and is a perfect small gift for a friends birthday. Works also for soft drinks and fits for all 1.1/8...

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  • All 77designz titanium screws are also available here individually for endless possibilities of customizing.

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